50 Days of Free Fun in LA – Day 1 – Mason Splash Pad

As I am currently a work from home mom with a rambunctious two-year-old boy, I thought I would start a web series called “50 days of Free Fun in LA.” My goal is to provide some fun and free ideas for you to incorporate into your weekly activities.

It has been insanely hot here in LA. The barometer has been pushing the limits, topping an outrageous 113 degrees at one point earlier this week. And the heat has been so untenable that we have largely stayed inside to avoid any form of heat stroke or overheating.  Now that the heat wave has finally broken, I feel little qualms about planning a fun outing for my little one.

50 Days of Free Fun Los Angeles

50 Days of Free Fun Los Angeles

Two year old boys don’t really like being stuck in the house for weeks on end.

So, I’m thinking about heading out to one of the amazing free splash pads here in Los Angeles.

Mason Park Splash Pad

50 days of Free Fun in Los Angeles

Splash Pads

I am sure you are wondering, as I was, what exactly is a splash pad? Here in LA, there are a number of free water play spaces that are designed to recycle water and be more eco-friendly than just running your own sprinklers. They have filtration systems to clean the water before reusing it in the play space. I couldn’t believe our luck when the newest splash pad was opened in the Valley.

Mason Park Splashpad is amazing.

The splash pad is connected to a revamped park where the kids can swing, dig in sand, climb different structures, and have an amazing time. And then, when the heat of day is getting a bit unbearable, they can run through the splash pad. It is designed with varied types of water features… bridges of water spray them, mushrooms erupt, and water geyers shoot water in every direction. This is a blast for any kid and is a nice clean park and safe space for parents to watch their kids, while largely letting them play independently (depending on the age).IMG_20140808_115645[1]

This is the first segment of our web series “50 days of Free Fun in LA” where we explore all of the fun and free activities available in Los Angeles.  sign up for our newsletter to find out about our upcoming adventures!

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