You Can Have Your Dream Wedding – DIY

Have a plan

I cannot recommend enough, having a plan going into this.  Decide which things you are willing to sacrifice and which things you won’t.  The biggest regret I have is not videotaping the ceremony and reception.  It really is one of those things I should have had at the top of priorities list.  The photography looks great despite going with a budget photographer, but there was simply not enough time or money at the end to scramble and find someone to videotape the ceremony.  I quickly realized that the highest I could go with my budget was going to be 10,000 – for a large beautiful wedding that would look like a 25,000 wedding.

DIY Everything

wedding 2

There are many things that you can do yourself, when it comes to wedding swag.  From favors, to decorations, and even flowers arrangements, you can figure out how to do them yourself at a steep discount.  The flowers for my wedding were one of my favorite details.  I was in love with hydrangea and star gazer lily bouquets.  I found something similar on flower websites that would have cost someone around $1600 for all of the bouquets and boutonnieres which were simply out of my budget.  Luckily one of my beautiful and amazing bridesmaids worked part-time as a florist for several years and stayed up all night, the night before my wedding to put the bouquets toget

her.  She and another of my bridesmaids was putting wrapping bouquets at the last minute in th

Invitations: Bought the kits at Michaels with a 50% off coupon and printed them at homee church dressing room.  But it was the most wonderful gift she could have given me.

  • Plantable Paper Name Cards
  • Centerpieces: These were amazing manzanita branch centerpieces with dried orchids glued onto the branches and with moss in the bases.
  • Wedding Tree picture: This was a project I saw on one of the wedding blogs I followed.  You print a poster size picture of a sketched tree and then have your guests place their thumbprints on the tree. I have this framed and hanging in our dining room.
  • Table Number Pictures: For each table I had a picture of my husband and I at different locations (we have traveled to many national parks and different states)

I found that the more work I put into the wedding myself, the more memories I have about the experience.  If I had just rented some centerpieces I would have no real memory of them, but because we went to a friend’s property and cut some manzanita branches to use in the centerpieces and then I spent an evening pouring concrete into wooden boxes to get the branches to stand up, I have amazing memories of the experience.  Wedding planning should be fun!

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